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Mourning jewelry is the most publicized and well known of the hair jewelry types.  This is probably due in part to Queen Victoria.   Queen Victoria's mother died in March of 1861, and her husband Prince Albert died in December of the same year.  Overcome with grief she went into mourning that lasted the rest of her life.  It is written that she wore a piece of jewelry made with Prince Albert's hair every day after his death.  Because of Queen Victoria's influence the fashion of wearing mourning jewelry lasted until the end of the 19th century.

During Queen Victoria's time, mourning lasted up to a year or more, depending on the persons relationship to the deceased,   During some stages of mourning jewelry was not to be worn unless it was  a memorial to the deceased or deemed socially acceptable.  Victorian society had very strict rules as to what was acceptable and what was not.  By the turn of the century times had changed and society no longer required the lengthy period of mourning and the strict rules of what could or could not be worn during this period were no longer applied.  Mourning jewelry became a thing of the past.

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